Physiotherapy and manual therapy in The Hague.

Enjoy pain free movement!

About Roelfsema Physiotherapy


by combining different specialties like manual therapy and dry needling we reach results faster.

Quick pain relief

our therapy is based on knowledge, science, expertise, and patient values. Because of this, we relieve the pain more quickly.

Tailored treatment plan

we care about a correct and sharp diagnosis. We believe that this is the
basis for a clear, tailored treatment plan. It makes it easier to maintain the rehabilitation well.

Movement is of vital importance

Movement is like a universal medicine, with physical as well as mental disorders. Physiotherapy is essential in maintaining or restoring functional movements. Actually, when a person needs physiotherapy it means that his or her functional movement is disturbed. According to Roelfsema Physiotherapy, there is always a way to improve. Improving can mean different things to different people. Improvement is also not necessarily the goal during a treatment period. The goal is, whenever possible, to let people move even better than before. Besides this, we pay attention to prevention to avoid re-injury in the future.

Our specialisms


  • For muscle- and tendon injuries
  • For sports injuries
  • For complaints due to lack of fitness

Manual therapy

  • For neck-, back- and spinal injuries
  • For headaches and dizziness
  • For joint-related injuries like shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle

Pediatric manual therapy

  • For infants with a cervical rotational movement restriction (0-1 yo)
  • For infants, children and adolescents with headache
  • For infants, children and adolescents with neck-, back- and joint-related injuries

Shoulder therapy

  • For shoulder pain
  • For rehabilitation after fractures in the shoulder area
  • For rehabilitation after shoulder surgery

Dry needling

  • For pain, loss of strength or active triggerpoints in local muscles
  • For range of motion (ROM) restrictions
  • headaches

Second opinion

  • For chronic complaints with no or very little improvement
  • For doubts about a previous diagnosis

Our procedure


Make an appointment (also without referral letter)

By clicking the ‘make an appointment’ button on the website, using the whatsapp service or
call us at (070) 221 15 28

Intake & screening

An extensive conversation about the complaints, a physical examination and an explanation
of the diagnosis and conclusions

Tailored treatment plan

We discuss the content of your tailored treatment plan.
Make an appointment


“Very happy with a physio who thinks in the interest of his cliënts, looking fort he best solutions and possibilities. Honest, clear and efficient!’


“Skilled manual therapy treatment was great after I finished with physio treatment”

Esther Nooijen

“Very good physiotherapist. For many years I‘ve seen many therapists for my lower back pain, but still got new and better exercises to strengthen my back which I’ve never learned before”

Fabian Jansen

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where is Roelfsema Physiotherapy located?

There are two locations. The first location is at Dr Kuyperstraat 10 and from january 2024 our brand new location at Lange Vijverberg 4-5 opened its doors.

Adress location Dr Kuyperstraat 10
Doctor Kuyperstraat 10
2514 BB Den Haag

Adress location Lange Vijverberg 4-5
Lange Vijverberg 4-5
2513 AC Den Haag